Inspiration for vegan cooks

Do you want to cook vegan food for travelers in Holland and abroad but need a little inspiration? The internet has a lot of vegan recipes in combination with special diets such as gluten free.
There are loads of vegan cookbooks in book shops and online such as Plant Power by Lisette Kreischer and the Vegan Cookbook by Adele McConnell.

If you think vegan cooking is difficult then you are mistaken! There are more than enough wonderful, delicious and honest products to cook with. Every vegetable that you can imagine, every bean in the world and all those nuts and seeds which are nature’s meat alternative. But mostly they are not even necessary: Most vegans won’t miss it. If you still want an alternative, there are a number of vegan burgers, sausages, cubes and packs that can be found in your local specialty store or supermarket. Vegan is the modern way of eating! You will gradually discover more and more wonderful products.

What you may never do as a vegan cook, is cheat. Never use any product that may contain animal products (know your E-numbers well!) and check ingredients that you may not necessarily associate with animals such as butter. Most dairy products have a vegan alternative (such as products from the Alpro lable). Make sure that you don’t combine nuts and honey because honey is of course an animal product!

Do you want to be a good vegan cook? Make sure that you know something about the background of vegan cooking, try recipes beforehand and work reliably and hygienically. We trust in you!

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